APXT2 No output

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APXT2 No output

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Hello, I have a APXT2 that the tuner doesn't work and there is not output from the pickup, there is one thing that is interesting is that when I put the cable jack in half and and press the tuner button I can hear a click in the amp but if I insert it all the way there is nothing.

I did search the all the forum info but could not find anything related to this problem.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Saul Ukraine
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Re: APXT2 No output

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Hi HossDot, welcome to the forums :)

Do you know how old your APXT2 is? I think they were first introduced to the market in 2013🤔 So it could be as much as 10 or 11 years old now.

If the tuner is not working and you know you have a good battery in there, it could be one of several issues.

I would first check the simplest. Make sure the contacts in the battery compartment are not corroded or oxidised.

If the contacts are fine and your battery is good then I would check the jack to make sure the wiring is secure. Check the solder joints for any cracks dry joints etc.

Check the connections to the preamp. It is usually connected via a small white plastic plug so check to make sure that is making contact. Unplug and plug it back in a few times. It could be the contact there has oxidised over time.

Failing all that I would check the capacitors on the preamp board. See if any are leaking or swollen. The tops will be slightly domed if the capacitors have dried out.

Work through that list and let me know how it goes 👍
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