Conversion A1V to SYX, Disk Drive out of order

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Conversion A1V to SYX, Disk Drive out of order

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Dear friends, I have erased my internal bank of the W5 due to my own error. I remember that the internal bank hosted some interesting patches.
That's why I like to reload it to the W5, but the Disk Drive does not work anymore. The A1V file obviously cannot be sent as a Sysex file as a dump (I tried it via MIDI OX), the W5 shows MIDI error. Nomal sysex files are accepted correctly. I compared the data of the A1V file and of a sysex file for the W5 (I programmed one sound in the internal bank and dumped it to MIDI OX, then I sent it back to the W5 and its working).

Can I send the A1V file directly to the W5 via MIDI OX or with another tool? I'M always failing till now.
Or can I convert the A1V file to sysex with another tool? I did not find something till now.

My last solution would be FACTORY RESET directly on the synth. Do I have to send the factory patches afterwards or are they installed automatically after the RESET routine?

At last, a short introduction of myself: I am Bert French and I produce Dance & Latin Bossa Music since 1993. Some samples of my arrangements will be presented on request.

Best regards from Germany & keep the Groove!
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