Yamaha console upgrades to VCM

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Yamaha console upgrades to VCM

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Hi everyone. I currently own a series of Yamaha consoles including PM5000, PM1DV2, DM2000V2, DM1000V2 & 02R96V2 for my studio and live work.
I am keen to upgrade the DM's and the 02R96 to VCM effects. I think this maybe a common question, so apologies if the group have already posted answers and advice to other avid Yamaha users in the same predicament.
I understand that VCM used to be a paid software upgrade, registration via an online server, now discontinued by Yamaha.
The other solution is to buy a new internal boards which are pretty expensive to say the least at £400 per pop!
I have heard that some agents or large scale users have 'master disks' or 'back up disks' where VCM can be installed this way. Or maybe there is another practical solution?
Can anyone help?
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Re: Yamaha console upgrades to VCM

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I have the same problem, I have a DM2000 v2.3 and I would like the VCM add-on effects, did you find them? I read that the add-on effects are included in the DM2000 VCM and it turns out that the versions 2.40, 2.30, 2.24, 2.23, 2.22 are compatible for an update to the VCM version. I wonder if the add-on effects are in the update in question: https://ca.yamaha.com/en/support/update ... m_win.html

I also read in the manual on the Yamaha website that you can transfer effects from one console to another. Otherwise, I don't know how to find these add-on effects.

Here is the list of effects:
Add-On Effects (AE011) COMP260/260S
Add-On Effects (AE011) COMP276/276S
Add-On Effects (AE011) EQ601
Add-On Effects (AE021) OpenDeck
Add-On Effects (AE031) REV-X
Add-On Effects (AE041) Auto Doppler
Add-On Effects (AE041) Field Rotation
Add-On Effects (AE041) Room ER
Add-On Effects (AE051) Vintage Stomp

Anyone know how to get them?

Thank you
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Re: Yamaha console upgrades to VCM

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It is possible with cloning flash ICs from one VCM console to another.
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