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Free to a good home.....

Unread post by vini » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:31 pm

As you may be aware I purchased some "Mini Tactile Switches"and found the parcel to be short, well after I complained they sent me some more. A lot more, so I have more than I could ever need. So if you need any let me know and I will send them F.O.C. to you. All I ask is if you need 10 then take 10 and leave some for someone else. If you need 50 say so and you can have 50. I think you will agree this is fair? Anyway PM me with your requirements and your PO box or address and they will be with you "Post haste". Also free of charge.

They are 6 X 6 X 5mm. the 5mm being the height. All the best vini.
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