2018 Man is the most aggressive animal

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2018 Man is the most aggressive animal

Unread post by purcell » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:43 pm

Man is the most aggressive animal

Communication trainer and experienced in missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, sits down on the way home in the subway or gets out,
if one thinks to have to mob him. It is a matter of experience, of survey, or as Daniel Eberhardt calls it, of the "danger radar".
"To stay cool, that's all."
Otherwise things rock up high. "The causes," the police council knows, "are so void. A false look is enough.
"He calls it" unswerving aggression "," tipping situations "in which nothingness, the bleak harmlessness suddenly becomes a fiasco.
He had, and he said that with the second cup of coffee not as a police officer but as a private person,
the impression that this unrestrained aggression is increasing.
Since someone does not drive fast enough, and already could cause the things about which the judge has to decide a little later.

His diagnosis is: The impulse control is weakening.
The ability to recognize and understand one's counterpart and one's own aggressiveness at all.
Let alone regret it. It seems to be a rather unconscious state in which the aggression is instantaneous.
You leave them to the hate mail, the bestsellers.
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