Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians 2018

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Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians 2018

Unread post by purcell » Thu Jun 28, 2018 12:04 am

Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians 2018

Keyboard Workstations used in this video:

0:40 Roland Fantom FA-06 Music Synthesizer Workstation
5:25 Roland Fantom FA-08

8:10 Korg Krome Synthesizer Workstation

14:59 Yamaha MX49 Version 2 Synthesizer 49 Key Edition

21:27 Korg Kronos

30:29 Yamaha Montage 6 Synthesizer 61 Key
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Re: Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians 2018

Unread post by monsterjazzlicks » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:19 pm


These Rolands must be new as I thought the Fantoms were white? The Rhodes sound on the FA-08 sounds terrible!


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Re: Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians 2018

Unread post by Saul » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:33 am

I have had all of these except the KRONOS.

Had both the Roland FA06 and 07.

The KORG KROME I had on loan from Korg for a couple of months.

Had both the first and second versions of the MX49/61 on loan from Yamaha.

And of course I had the Montage7 here for a couple of months.

The Roland's are NOT "Fantoms" although it's easy to confuse the two. I really think Roland could have used a different naming convention for the newer models. I did own a white Fantom G by the way but white was not a stock colour and the keyboard was customised by someone else before I had it. Looked really cool though :)
custom fantom g6.jpg
Fantom G in White
The earlier Roland Fantom X was in my opinion a better keyboard than the newer FA series. Oh by the way, to confuse matters even more there was actually a predecessor to the Fantom X series called...wait for it...The FA! Yeah I can't figure this out either.

Anyway bottom line is they are all great keyboards. The FA07 which I currently have does everything you could need a keyboard to do. I especially like the fact that Roland included two "Virtual" expansion slots where you can download and install any of the old EXP virtual form of course ;) Only downside is I wish those two slots were available for loading other things. Still, great idea and kind of merges the App world of the Roland Cloud idea with hardware.

Sound wise the Roland FA06/07/08 are very good. Acoustic pianos are excellent and nearly all the synth sounds are right on the money.

The KORG KROME was also a great keyboard. I had it on loan at the same time as the MOXF and it was a close run thing between the two as to which I would buy. I eventually came down on the side of the MOXF as it has the Audio interface and the flash expansion. I also thought the keybed was slightly better in quality than the KROME however I love the KORG interface and that alone would have sold it to me if it were not for the lack of audio interface.

The MX49 is fantastic value for money...not out of the box though. It is what you can do with it when hooked up to your computer that brings in the value angle. What most people do not realise is that the MX series are in fact full blown synths but with the access limited by the user interface. Once you plug it into a computer and run a third party editor (Yamaha don't make one) you have yourself what is basically a Yamaha Motif Synth. It does lack some of the waveforms, filters and effects of the Motif and the A/D converters are not of such high quality but...keep in mind the price difference? All in all the MX is a good buy.

As for the Yamaha Montage? What more needs to be said? I had some initial reservations about cost and the repetition of the AWM2/FM thing but after using it for some time you start to see what a fantastic keyboard it is. I still can't afford one but that seems to be an ongoing situation with me right now. Luckily I play mostly acoustic guitar and I have plenty of those ;)
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