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Re: Yamaha MODX Wishlist - Suggestions For Future Updates

Unread post by dfinucci » Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:35 am

Hi all.
It should be very nice to have the possibility to include parts >= 9 in scenes: i.e., in a live environment, scenes 1-4 should be for ensembles, while 9-16 for solos instruments, even within the limitations to 8 parts max.
Have a nice day.
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Re: Yamaha MODX Wishlist - Suggestions For Future Updates

Unread post by vertig0spin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 5:11 pm

FM-X Algorithms and the 2 Additional Operators

One thing that could be improved on with FM-X on the Montage/MODX synths is the variety of Algorithms available, especially with the 2 additional operators and how they are set as carrier operators in most of the algorithms. It would be great if Yamaha would add/provide more algorithms whereby they are stacked as carrier & modulator.

Here is an image where I have modified existing algorithms to demonstrate. If you check operators 1 & 2 in the actual algorithms on the MODX/Montage, they are both at the base as carriers and not stacked as you see here:

Having said that, over the weekend I took a 'voice strings' sound that I had programmed from scratch on my DX7II over 30 years ago, and decided to see if I could enhance it. I found another sound that has a 'ghost-like' sound to it and broke it down, stripping out all operators and LFO settings until it had just a basic 'Awww' sound. Turns out it was 2 Carrier operators that provide this. After adding them to my existing 'voice strings' sound, which had those carrier operators volume set to '0', adjusting the volume of the 2 new operators along with several other common and operator settings, and with the "Pitch Change" effect giving them a more Unison voice quality, it definitely improved my old 'voice strings' sound!

Having enhanced a sound that I thought was great to begin with, I can imagine the possibilities of enhancing other existing DX7 sounds if there were more stacked carrier/modulator operator algorithm options. If it is possible, this sounds like a good one for IdeaScale! ;)

If there are enough people who like and support this idea, it might not be too much of a programming change for Yamaha to add new FM-X algorithms in the future, so I have posted my Yamahasynth.Ideascale.com idea URL below for anyone who reads this thread. If anyone likes this idea, please 'Up Vote' it ;)

"Add new FM-X Algorithms with the 2 Additional Operators Stacked:"
https://yamahasynth.ideascale.com/a/dtd ... 3604-45978
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