YAMAHA MODX TIPS: Seleting Livesets by using Arturia Beatstep

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YAMAHA MODX TIPS: Seleting Livesets by using Arturia Beatstep

Unread post by yannleo » Wed May 15, 2019 5:44 pm

check the video here:

YAMAHA MODX do not have physical buttons on the right side as Montage. Sometime you may make mistakes when touching screen. This video explained 5 reasons why I use Arturia Beatstep to switch among different Livesets on YAMAHA MODX.
1.Compact and small
2.MIDI out port
3.Power by MODX usb port
4.Capability of sending complex messages

For seleting specific user Livesets sound you have to send 3 MIDI messages at a time:
Bank MSB, cc00=62, this message determines the functionality of selecting user Livesets
Bank LSB, cc32=0~15, this message represents the user Livesets page number
Program Change, 0~15, this message represents the 1~16 user Livesets sound buttons on the touch screen
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