WTB: Pacifica T-style, NTX700, CV820WB, Motion, Weddington, RGX

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WTB: Pacifica T-style, NTX700, CV820WB, Motion, Weddington, RGX

Unread post by d^rren » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:25 pm

Hi, all!

I recently picked up a used AES420, and love it. I've always loved Yamahas and have started trying to acquire some of my favourites. Here are some of the ones I'm on the lookout for:

Pacifica T-Style (PAC311MS, PAC302S, PAC402S)
I need a T-style guitar in my collection, and always loved the look of the Pacifica.

My first Yamaha was an APX700, and I loved the feel of that guitar. My brother has it now. I'm much more into the sound of nylon strings, and have been thinking for years about picking up an APX nylon-string. Not picky about spruce vs. cedar.

CV820WB Wes Borland Signature
I am a Wes Borland fan, and I also love weird guitars, and hollowbodies with trems.

Motion Bass MB-1 1987-88?
I owned one of these for a few years, and stupidly sold it. I'm specifically looking for one exactly like what I had, which seems to have been a very limited run. What made it unique were:
  • Ash body – transparent red
  • Mahogany neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Abalone oval inlays
  • Fine-tuning bridge
  • Dual humbuckers
  • Active electronics with four control knobs: volume, pan, treble and bass, with edge-mounted output jack.
  • Gold hardware
I've seen a ton of these with the more basic features (dot inlays, front-mounted output jack, no active treble/bass) but those aren't the ones I'm looking for. I suspect my old one is still floating around out there somewhere, maybe still in the Toronto area (matching brown factory hardshell case), but I've literally never seen another one like it anywhere. Could it be here?

Weddington Classic or Custom
And since I'm here and asking around, why not? I always thought these were killer guitars that pretty much defined the "modern LP" before anyone else was doing features like it had in a modern single-cutaway style. Rich Lasner was always ahead of his time.

RGX 820R? Silver metalflake
I remember seeing a killer RGX/RGZ in a store in Toronto. It was around the time of the Blues Saraceno signature model, and similarly spec'd, but slightly different. I can't remember if it was HSH or H-H, but it had white pickups and a silver metal flake finish on the body, and a reversed headstock. I also don't remember if it had a maple or rosewood fretboard, which makes it difficult to narrow down the exact model number, but I remember it looked absolutely killer, and I wanted it. The closest I could find was the RGX821DMR, but the one with the silver metal flake finish eludes me.
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