Some good feeling after a week (Money for nothing)DX7VST into MODX

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Some good feeling after a week (Money for nothing)DX7VST into MODX

Unread post by Ivan Jochner » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:42 pm

Hey guys,

After a week or so i have been working on MODX after 10 years spent with trustworthy XS.

To be honest many things should be improved asap, cause very obvious things still are very very fresh.
( We can track them here or IdeaScale forum).

At first i thought " MODX- Money wasted " but today i was surprised a lot how easy and good was a transfer from DEXED VST -DX7, to Modx.

"Money for nothing" would be a good start for having a good mood!

Here is the guy who made patches for DX7 VST . and i am uploading converted files which then can be combined in Performance "Money for nothing".

"Sounds featured in the video (Power Funk, *Fat Funk* and Slapit!) are in there. 3. Open and layer 3 instances of Dexed in your DAW,load the patches, pan them around, add gate-reverb and you’re good to go."
Youtube User -Hedge 777

( In our case load DEXED X7L. file on USB then import as Librarie file , combine (Power Funk, *Fat Funk* and Slapit!) into a new performance "Money for Nothing" DX 7 .)
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