MONTAGE wishlist for next update

Welcome to the new era from the company that brought you the DX and the Motif. Montage sets the next milestone with sophisticated dynamic control, massive sound creation and streamlined workflow.

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rides in the storm
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MONTAGE wishlist for next update

Unread post by rides in the storm » Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:04 pm

i really miss quantisize functions in the sequencer section. i like to use it regulary as sheet for my ideas but really miss quantistion, why this is so complicated? also looper and step seq would be fine.
also heavy is top find a sound after using or storing somewhere and cant remember its name, would be nice to have smaller partitions of sound banks or a history of using them.
an further lfo is also welcome.
as FX i miss an classical BBD ensemble effect like arp/solina instead of samples.
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Re: MONTAGE wishlist for next update

Unread post by preisner » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:28 am

- manage montage display from ipad/iphone etc.. (project and control the screen)
- development of free sampling ethnic sounds
- free sampling piano and strings/solo strings sounds
- global split keyboard
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Re: MONTAGE wishlist for next update

Unread post by Can » Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:01 pm

- A way to switch off transmitting MIDI via USB/MIDI Out globally so only certain desired performances transmit MIDI (for using virtual instruments on the computer)
- Enable searching for another performance in another category while still playing the current performance (Nord called it "Pending Load")
- Freely assignable MIDI channels for each part (the old topic...)
- Multiple MIDI channels assignable for one part (example: Part 1 - Piano can be play on MIDI channel 1, 4 and 7)
- Chord Hold Mode
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