MIDI seq slow tempo

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MIDI seq slow tempo

Unread post by luisf »

Hi there MODXers!

I´ve got this huge monster three months ago and I´m really thrilled for the vast possibilities of the machine…

Now I´m trying to leave my MPC 500 sequencer away, but when I put the MIDI tracks that I need into the MODX and change, for instance, the tempo, I find that it only follows the new tempo one measure, and with every change of measure, the tempo is slower again.

I´ve cleaned the events of the MIDI tracks via Logic, but the problem goes on…

Anybody there with the same problem? Any idea to solve it?

Best greets!


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Re: MIDI seq slow tempo

Unread post by Dima »

Hi. I have a question ). How you load your midi into Modx. I copies my midi file to flash and when i'm trying to choose the arp in Perfomance mode- it gives only inside memory arps(so didn't see my arp on usb flash).
When i press utillity and trying to load the arp it gives me only option- load to song or to pattern. Where i still can't get my arp. It is simply not there. Only name of the song is changed... don't have this arp. So can't save it as user arp..

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Re: MIDI seq slow tempo

Unread post by dfinucci »

Hello Luisf.
I have just tried to alter the tempo of a midi song and all is going well.
Your midi file may contain some sysex message / command ?
You get same problem with ALL / other midi files ?
I don't own Logic, may be you may try with MIDI Microscope or other Midi editors...

PS Yamaha Modx, OS 2.00

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