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Foot Controller Issues

The MX series combines Motif XS sounds, USB Audio/MIDI connectivity and advanced DAW/VST controller features at a ground breaking level of affordability.

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Foot Controller Issues

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I am starting to get to grips with my MX61. I absolutely love it! I have created a number of performances, and just started venturing out into John Melas territory, and it is astounding what this has enabled me to find within the keyboard!

I have a problem, in that one of the songs I play requires a layered brass and strings sound. I have set one up, but want a mainly strings sound, but with brass cutting through at certain points in the song, and though the obvious route is to assign the foot controller to the brass voice to control volume via a control set in the Part Edit pages, I can't get it to work . All I can get is the pedal controlling the overall volume of the whole keyboard. I have tried going to the Utility page and setting FC1 to volume, but nothing changes. I have tried scrolling through the other options, but eventually I lose all output from the keyboard, and have to go back to Performance Select mode, and go to a different performance, and the sound comes back again.

I have set up a work-around by setting a negative Velocity Sensitivity to the strings sound, while increasing it for the brass sound, so that when I play with greater velocity the brass cuts through while the strings subside a little - virtually a velocity-controlled cross-fade.

I am still baffled by my inability to get the foot controller to work - it is probably something fairly simple that i am not seeing, but after being away from keyboards for nearly 30 years, there is a huge amount of new stuff to learn!

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Re: Foot Controller Issues

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you probably know this, but just in case... a temporary workaround...
For my wife's MX88 we use several layered sounds to fade in and out strings etc...
The way we do it is using the A control knob for the secondary sound.
For instance performance 001 is a piano/string layer.
Make sure the layer button is on
The press the knob function button until it lights up the light on the row that control "volume" 3rd light.
Then make SURE the secondary sound "voice" is selected using the cursor buttons
And now the knob "A" will control that voice.
Save it in this state and the only change you will have to make when calling up this performance is to make sure cursor is on correct voice as it defaults to the first one in the list.
It's not ideal for some players but she's gotten very good at it!

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