Interesting analysis of MODX’ internals

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Interesting analysis of MODX’ internals

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Interesting analysis of MODX’ internals:
“The MODX has only one SWP70 tone generator integrated circuit (IC). The Master SWP70 performs both AWM2 and FM-X synthesis. The MODX printed circuit board (PCB) has space and connections for a second SWP70 (in Slave mode), but the real estate is unpopulated (“No Mount”). Yamaha have planned ahead for a future model. They did the same thing with the MOX, BTW, leaving space and connections that were filled in the MOXF.
The extra computational capacity within a single SWP70 is surprising! The Master SWP70 provides 128 channels of AWM2 polyphony and 64 channels of FM-X polyphony. In order to pull off this trick, Yamaha utilize a second dedicated DSP RAM channel and SDRAM. Montage, on the other hand, utilizes only one DSP RAM channel on each SWP70.
Thus, the SWP70 can expand in two different dimensions:
* DSP RAM (two dedicated channels max) with a corresponding boost in DSP computation, and
* Wave RAM (two dedicated channels max) with an as-yet unexploited boost in AWM2 synthesis.
MODX illustrates the first case while Montage has an unpopulated position and connections for a second WAVE working memory channel. Your guess is as good as mine as to how Yamaha will expand and exploit these channels in future products.
SWP70 is in early childhood and Yamaha have left room to grow in both the MODX and Montage. In addition to unpopulated PCB sites, Yamaha can build out by using higher capacity NAND flash devices for waveform memory.”
( 11/6/19)

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Re: Interesting analysis of MODX’ internals

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Thanks for sharing

Paul Drongowski's posts on the internals of these synths are very thorough and interesting. :)
Derek Cook

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