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Bone replacement bridge pins

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Bone replacement bridge pins

Unread post by SamKay »

Hi. First time poster here. I just got a new FG830 last week and I took it in today for a pro set up at a local shop. (I bought the guitar at Guitar Center but took it to a small shop for the setup.) The tech did the setup, installed a K&K mini, a guitar strap peg up by the neck, and he also made a custom bone saddle (no custom bone nut, at least not yet). The last thing I'd like to upgrade now would be the bridge pins. I've checked various brands but proper fit appears to be an issue. Anyone have success upgrading to bone bridge pins and if so could you possibly steer me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Bone replacement bridge pins

Unread post by Buzzard »

Hi SamKay, welcome to the forum and the string section. :D

Upgrading to bone nut and bridge usually boost the sound of an acoustic guitar compared to the urea/plastic bits often mounted.
I'm not sure that changing the pins will do a lot of difference since it's on the side where the strings don't vibrate (much).

When it comes to acoustic guitars, Saul can give a more detailed description on what works best. (jump on in Saul) :D

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