Out of tune sample rates

The Yamaha SY99 is a synthesiser combining frequency modulation synthesis (branded as Advanced FM) and sample-based synthesis (branded as Advanced Wave Memory 2) and the direct successor to Yamaha's SY77/TG77

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Out of tune sample rates

Unread post by Scott » Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:41 pm

I noticed something odd when I load samples at different rates into the SY99. Samples at 22050 Hz playback 30 cents sharp, so they need to be tuned by 30 cents. But samples a 28 kHz playback in tune. One would think that the samples a 22050 Hz would playback in tune because they are half of the 44.1 kHz? I noticed that EMU used 28 kHz a lot for their library for the Emulator III. The rate can capture the frequencies for most sounds. So I used the 28 kHz rate often for the collection I created for the SY99.
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Re: Out of tune sample rates

Unread post by Sonus » Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:30 am

Table with perfectly tuned sample rates for SY99...

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