Hi. New here..

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Hi. New here..

Unread post by GemQuinn »

Hello all, just thought id introduce myself, and say, although i have been a Yamaha user over the years, with many different items, including 3 guitars, fg's, SG3000, and soon an SA50, i haven't looked into the forums.
So, im about to get my mits on an SA50, in green, and am very excited by it. I know the quality is going to be excellent, and although the tuners are not original, i think i know what replacements to get, i may or may not make a scratchplate, as its missing, it still has its tremolo arm tho.
One thing im unaware of is its body size, is it smaller than a 335? More like a 339? Its hard to tell from the pictures.
Look forward to playing it, anyway.

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Re: Hi. New here..

Unread post by shelly0624 »

Wow! What a gorgeous vintage guitar! ((i)) Love that deep green .. Lots of guitar people here. Welcome to the forum! :D

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Re: Hi. New here..

Unread post by Buzzard »

Welcome to the forum and the string section. :D

You've got a good taste of guitars.
Feel free to post pictures.

Best regards

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