Decided to Return the Montage and Beef up my Kronos Sample Libraries

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Decided to Return the Montage and Beef up my Kronos Sample Libraries

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In a bold move, I decided to return the Montage, as it's MIDI implementation just doesn't cut it for me for use with a DAW.

I've ordered Cinematic Suite from Wave Art, whose demo sounds like a Kontact symphonic library. Reasonably priced at 500 Euros considering you get the WHOLE orchestra and it fits in two banks and uses 565MB RAM and 6GB virtual disc.

After that, all I need are some great acoustic guitars and then I won't have need for the Montage.

I've deleted the German grand and that got me about 205MB of extra RAM, so I can just fit the orchestral programs in and have 40+ MB free for a guitar program.

If nothing else, I'm leaning my way around loading and unloading and initializing banks and individual patches within banks.

Suite is downloading as I write this. If it turns out as advertised, I'll be happier than the proverbial pig in you-know-what.

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