Assign midi CC to Common Assignable knobs

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Assign midi CC to Common Assignable knobs

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I am slowly learning my way around my MODX7. I've had it for nearly a year and learned to make my own performance setups suitable for playing with my band.
However, now that I branched into using an external bass synth (Moog Minitaur), I've come across a tiny, but annoying, problem. I cannot seem to assign midi CC messages to Common Assignable knobs. So, there are the CC numbers associated with each knob, which is cool. And the controls work, when I'm using Part Assignable knob. In other words, Minitaur is receiving on midi Ch 01, and I have part 1 in MODX setup as controlling it, and when I have that part selected within a performance, I can adjust Minitaur parameteres from MODX knobs. All is well so far.
But when I switch to performance Common controls, the Assignable knobs do not send CC to the Minitaur anymore. I tried assigning Common Assignable 1 as source and Part 1 assignable 1 as destination in the Control Assign page, but this does not help controlling CC messages from "Common" knobs.
This would be quite essential in live situation, where I am only going to select performances on the Live Set screen, and do not have time to select individual parts.
Also, correct me if I'm wrong, this makes it impossible to use motion control and more refined Super Knob control for multiple midi CC parameters? I mean sure, I can assign one CC to Super Knob, and that works, but that's just one.

I hope you catch what I mean. This is really bugging me. Otherwise great synth, but this weird quirk is annoying me. Would seem such a simple solution to just be able to assign midi CC messages as control destinations!


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