Keyboard Yamaha PSR E413 Problem Transferring User Songs

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Keyboard Yamaha PSR E413 Problem Transferring User Songs

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Hi, I wanted to transfer my user songs data from my keyboard to my laptop, but had some trouble doing it. I have read my keyboard's manual (Yamaha PSR E413) and some threads in this forum, but none have helped me.

I have downloaded Musicsoft Downloader (Yamaha keyboard driver) on my laptop and have bought a USB cable to connect my laptop with my keyboard. My keyboard settings have been set to PC Mode 1 and I have turned on the 'songout' function. However, I can't find my user songs files in my laptop, anyone can help what should I do to transfer user songs from my keyboard to my laptop? Am I missing something or do any wrong? Any replies will be appreciated, thanks. :)

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Re: Keyboard Yamaha PSR E413 Problem Transferring User Songs

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There are two possible ways to do this for your model. Other models in the series, beginning with the PSR-E433, are equipped with a USB TO DEVICE port for plugging in a USB flash drive, and those models have a function that lets you write a User Song to a USB flash drive as a MIDI song file. But the PSR-E423 and earlier models in the series do not have a USB TO DEVICE port, hence they have no function for writing a User Song to a MIDI song file.

Instead, you can either save the keyboard's entire memory to a Backup file on your computer using the Musicsoft Downloader, then manually extract the desired User Song to a MIDI song file-- a process which is tricky to do-- or you can play back the User Song and capture the keyboard's MIDI output on your computer using a DAW.

I'll post more information about it later this evening.
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