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Loopcloud - 4 million royalty-free samples, loops and instruments!

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Loopcloud - 4 million royalty-free samples, loops and instruments!

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I keep meaning to do a review about Loopcloud but there is so much to it that I just never get the time. At the moment I am using it to provide backing tracks for my acoustic guitar but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Loopcloud is an award-winning software platform that allows you to search over 4 million royalty-free samples, loops and instruments. You can instantly audition each one in the loopcloud app as well as manipulate the samples and work all sorts of wonders with them before you get anywhere near making a purchase! This is the great thing about Loopcloud. You really can determine if the sample is exactly what you need before parting with any cash. It takes the guesswork out of looking for loops.

You can also pull all your own loops and sample into the Loopcloud app and it will automatically analyze and categorise them for you. It is very accurate by the way!

With the launch of the Loopcloud Sounds website, everyone can now search the entire Loopcloud library on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device. Find the sound you want, whenever inspiration comes, download it or save it to favourites ready for when you work on your next production.

Check out the video below by Jon Sine which explains all you need to know. The part around 5 minutes in is particularly interesting because he shows all the things you can do with the samples and loops without having paid for anything!

Click here to try Loopcloud Free For 30 Days
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