Finally acquired a CS6x!

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Finally acquired a CS6x!

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16 years ago, under a previous username (Lovesign... long story!), I was apparently the first person to post on the CS1/2/6 X board. Back then, I owned a CS1x, which I had picked up when it first came out. I loved that thing for a while. I even bought the SU10 sampler to sit on that special lip! But I eventually sold it, along with a few other bits of gear, to fund another gear purchase. I came to regret it a bit, and always thought about picking another one up or, better still, finding a decent example of the CS6x.

Well, after all this time, I managed to find a CS6x in very reasonable condition for a great price and it is as impressive as I thought it would be all those years ago. It is very clearly of its time, sonically, but despite that, it is a very powerful beast and my plan is to find a PLG150-VL, DX and maybe the AN boards to broaden its palette.

A Facebook friend has just created a set of new patches for it and I'm hoping to pick those up as soon as they are available. His motivation was to create a substantial set of patches and performances that were not so "dance oriented" as the factory presets and other 3rd party libraries. Do any other CS6x/r users have any recommendations for 3rd party patches?

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