Looking for remote online Genos lessons

Yamaha Genos digital workstation keyboard

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Looking for remote online Genos lessons

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My name is Edwin. I am a caregiver to a 76 year old owner of a brand new Genos. I helped Elmer open the boxes and setup his Genos the day after he moved into Senior Assisted Living 3/13/20.
We need remote online instructions. Best time about 1:00pm Pacific.

We already use Zoom for telemedicine with his doctors. So Zoom would be our choice for online meetings.
At the moment, a session(s) on how to setup the Genos (voice, style, etc.) and play Englebert Humperdink's "Please Release Me", would being Elmer great joy. He'd like to celebrate his birthday next month by performing on the Genos.

If you can teach but need help connecting online, we can help you get setup, given that you have broadband.
I'll monitor responses for the next few days and make private connect via email then perhaps Zoom to finalize.
Thanks in advance.

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