CVP 309GP LCD problem

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CVP 309GP LCD problem

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For a long time now, the LCD on my CVP-309GP has had lines down part of the screen. Having a lot of time on my hands at the moment, I decided to investigate.

On start up I get this:
JPEG image 5.jpeg
During warm up, this:
JPEG image 3.jpeg
Briefly, the full (and correct) image builds but quickly reverts to (and remains) like this:
JPEG image 4.jpeg
I found a service manual online and dismantled the piano body. The ribbon cable feeding the screen was slightly damaged, so it seemed to be the place to start. After three attempts I managed to get the correct cable from China. However, the display does exactly the same thing.

I entered the test program function and carried out test no. 37 - LCD Pattern check, producing the following results:
RGB pattern:
Rainbow pattern:
Flicker noise check pattern:
They would indicate that the screen itself is OK (with maybe a question mark about some lines on the rainbow pattern) which makes me reluctant to buy a replacement screen (unless someone can advise differently).

I've gone as far as I can with my troubleshooting. Any ideas how to proceed please?


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Re: CVP 309GP LCD problem

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Hi Pete. I also have the same piano. Did you manage to resolve this issue and if you did any chance of assisting how you managed to do it as I have the same problem. Also where did you get a service manual from. Hope you can help.
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