PLG150DX on Motif Rack ES sets all voices to Silence

Yamaha Motif Classic/ES/XS Series

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PLG150DX on Motif Rack ES sets all voices to Silence

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So, I got a Motif-Rack ES a few months ago, and then got a PLG150-DX which seems to working fine, except when I press "MULTI" and then press "VOICE" back again, when trying to go back to "VOICE" mode, the Motif-Rack ES gets locked up for a few seconds and then it finally gets back to "VOICE" mode, the problem is that none of the voices on the bank PLG1PRE1 produces any sound, and to what is worth, any other back on the PLG1 is set to "--:Silence", See pictures attached.

I also got a PLG150-AN and a PLG150-PF and none of them behaves that way.
Things I've tried so far:
* Firmware upgrade
* Factory reset
* Install the PLG150-DX on another Motif-Rack ES and then change banks and modes, but same behaviour
* Install the PLG150-DX on a MU-100 and then change banks and modes, and it works fine

Thus, I'm wondering if I'm missing any particular configuration in the Motif-Rack ES,
or it is the PLG150-DX that might be defective.

Any help will be much appreciated.
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