Yamaha RY8 - Can I sequence a sampler with it?

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Yamaha RY8 - Can I sequence a sampler with it?

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Just got my hands on one I know it's a pretty budget drum machine and I was a little confused with the manuals that I've been looking at online and lack of other information. I understand that it's limited but it does have midi capabilities, says it has a decent sequencer, and has a Midi out. I did read that it does not support MTC which I just looked up but it's still not quite making complete sense to me. Wasn't sure if that fact was going to be some kind of deal breaker I just want to even had a very basic level try sequencing a rack mount sampler or one of my keyboards with it. Any thoughts? My other option to sequence things is my Beheringer Swing controller/sequencer midi Keyboard. I'm going to start learning that now. If that turns out to be my only option using the swing, does it have the ability to say produce like a whole hip hop beat as main sequencer for say the rack mount sampler (Akai), and my DjX Keyboard? Also have a Yamaha PSR 350 arriving. Not sure where it will fit in :) Thoughts and input y'all?? Thanks so much!

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