Fret Zealot Guitar Learning System

Fret Zealot – State-Of-The-Art full spectrum LED Learning System For Any Full-Size Guitar

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Edge Tech Labs has launched its second Kickstarter journey for their Fret Zealot product, raising over 50% of its goal in the first few days of launch.

After 5 years of development, Fret Zealot is transforming the way people learn guitar and at an affordable price of $199. With 90% of new players giving up learning guitar, the industry is in desperate need of this technology.

“Pushing the gas pedal on learning guitar,” said CEO Shaun Masavage. “Many want to learn to play, but don’t ever get there due to time constraints, cost of lessons, and struggling to learn proper technique on their own. Fret Zealot replaces frustration with fun, giving players a digital training tool right on the neck of their guitar”

Guitar manufacturers have perfected their instruments over decades and Fret Zealot pays homage to that by doing no damage to the guitar, being removable, and installing as an aftermarket accessory so customers can purchase whichever guitar that speaks to them and inspires them to keep playing.

Fret Zealot has something for all levels of guitar players from the basic chords to advanced features like AI Mode that listens to the player to play the correct note/chord before moving on and Video Lessons. There are of course plenty of light show options as well. Add in the convenience of wireless control via the Android or iOS apps and there’s no reason why anyone can’t be the next rock star.

Fret Zealot for Bass Guitar Now Available.

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