Gibson Guitars Bankruptcy

Gibson to replace CEO Henry Juszkiewicz?

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Are Gibson finally coming to terms with what the rest of us have known for years? The ONLY real problem with the company is who was running it!

An advertisement for the job of Gibson CEO has appeared on executive talent portal with the list of requirements as follows;

  • Prior experience in a major consumer products company required
  • Prior experience in a recognized brand, including digital, social engagement & e-commerce required
  • Experience in acquiring & integrating complementary businesses preferred
  • Private equity experience including a successful “exit” preferred
  • Music industry experience preferred
  • Prior P&L experience with global premium brands preferred

Let’s hope that when they say “Experience in acquiring & integrating complementary businesses preferred” they really do mean “complementary” and not as Henry J saw it in the acquisition of consumer electronics brand Philips.

Gibson need to stick to what they are good at, making guitars. Stray from that again and it will be another recipe for disaster in the making.

Of course one can assume that Henry J is not going quietly or indeed willingly. All of his recent comments continue the theme of the companies woes being firmly everyone else’s fault and he is the only person to lead the company through it’s path back to greatness. So don’t expect any changes soon but, if it is true and he is finally accepting the inevitable then perhaps Gibson can finally emerge from chapter 11 with a bright future ahead of it.

We have a very long thread running on the forum about Gibson and the state the company finds itself in. Why not drop by and let us know what you think? We would love to see you there!

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