KORG Collection 2 – At Last A Scalable Interface!

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As someone who has been using the KORG Legacy Collection for many years, I can say that, great as the instruments are the one thing that always bugged me was the fixed size of the interface. This was fine when computer screens were considered large at 19 inches but these days I never use a screen smaller than 27 inches! That makes the user interface for each instrument look very small indeed!

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Fans have long been asking KORG to update the desktop version of the Legacy Collection and bring it into the 21st century. I am happy to say KORGE was listening.

The new KORG Collection 2 has high-definition graphics for a modern display environment and six levels of scalability.

What else is included in the new KORG Collection 2?

  1. KORG MS20 analogue monophonic synthesizer.
  2. KORG Polysix polyphonic synthesizer.
  3. KORG Mono/Poly 4VCO synthesizer.
  4. KORG M1 music workstation.
  5. Korg Wavestation wave sequence synthesizer.

There is also a KORG Collection 2 “Special Bundle” which also includes the new addition to the family, the KORG TRITON which I have to say, sounds better than the original, or it does to my ears. I have owned three versions of the Triton so I am very familiar with it. Also the ARP Odyssey.

A free trial version is available and although it only works for 20 minutes and you cannot save edited programs you can restart it after each 20 minute period comes to an end. That gives you more than enough time to evaluate this whole package.

In terms of price, I think the bundle option is the best value. At $299/£238, the inclusion of the Triton alone makes it more than worth the entry fee for me. Give the trial a go and see what you think.

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