Latest Issue Of Martin ‘The Journal of Acoustic Guitars’ Download For Free

martin journal of acoustic guitars

Martin Guitar has released the latest issue of their Journal of Acoustic Guitars, and you can view it for free right here!

This issue features the new D-28 and HD-28 guitars plus Mark Knopfler on Trusting Your Instincts, Martin Titanium Core Strings and the Science Behind The Sound and much more.

Although of course with a “slight” bias toward the Martin brand this is non the less a good read and highly recommended for all lovers of acoustic guitar.

Martin Guitars Journal

Martin – The Guitar Journal of Acoustic Guitars is written exclusively for acoustic guitar enthusiasts, players, dealers, owners and potential buyers. It includes new product announcements, special edition instruments, developments in the string making area, company news, technical information, and more.

This latest issue, Volume 8, includes features on Martin’s Titanium Core strings, legendary guitarist Mark Knopfler, the new D-28 and HD-28 guitars, as

well as a cool spread on the company’s influence on British music.

You can view Martin – The Guitar Journal of Acoustic Guitars for free Here

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