Yamaha Genos Touch Screen

On the run up to the launch of the Genos next month and the new teaser video next week I thought I would share a few more screenshots that are going around the web at the moment. I assume these are from one of Yamaha’s ‘artist days’ where they get a bunch of well known “influencers” in to spend a few hours with Genos and build a bit of a buzz.

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Yamaha Genos Screenshot

There have also been some specs floating around although nothing is confirmed yet so this could all change but so far it is said that Genos will feature 550 factory styles out of the box,  1.652 Voices , 58 Drum/SFX Kits, 1,8 Gb flash memory, sampler and 256 voice polyphony.

Yamaha Genos Left SideNumber of Voices: 1.652 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits, 256 voice polyphony and user sampling.

Featured Voices:

  • 10 Revo Drums/SFX
  • 76 Ensemble
  • 390 Super Articulation
  • 75 Super Articulation2
  • 82 MegaVoices
  • 40 Sweet
  • 81 Cool
  • 160 Live
  • 24 Organ Flutes

Number of Styles: 550:

  • 491 Pro
  • 39 Session
  • 10 Free Play
  • 10 DJ



Yamaha Genos Right Side