Musikmesse, Musikmesse Plaza 2020 and Musikmesse Festival Cancelled

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Further to our recent article about the cancellation of MusikMesse 2020 which you can read here it has now been announced that the MusikMese Plaza and the MusikMesse Festival events have also been canceled.

Given the current circumstances, and advice against people congregating in large numbers this was pretty much inevitable. However, where does this now leave the music industry?

Some of the bigger brands such as Casio and Fender had already decided that MusikMesse was an event that they no longer wished to attend and others such as Yamaha had reduced their presence at the show. So the cancellation of the event will have little effect on those companies but what about all the smaller producers and retailers who rely on shows like MusikMesse as part of their yearly business strategy, how will they fare?

At the moment it seems that the effects of Coronavirus are only just being felt and we have a long way to go before we see the full extent of its effects on business and the global market.

With the closure of live music venues around the world and the cancellation of large festivals and events, the knock-on effects on the music industry cannot be underestimated. Some of the larger businesses will be able to absorb the costs but much smaller concerns may go to the wall.

And then there are the solo performers who rely on regular weekly and monthly bookings for a living. How will they survive when the venues they play in are closed down? What happens if those venues go bust and never reopen?

Coronavirus touches all of us, even those who never contract the virus. It’s a fast-changing world. Only time will tell how we emerge from this but one thing is for sure, it won’t be business as normal on the other side.

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