NAMM 2014: MOOG to introduce two new instruments

Found this bit of news on the Moog forum.

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Moog will be releasing the SUB 37 which is one of two new products MOOG will introduce at the NAMM 2014.

Below is an image of the SUB 37 although to this is just the panel. We’ll post more images as soon as we have them.

Some specs for you to ponder over :

  • Paraphonic – multiple voices through a single VCA and filter
  • Dual oscillators with a single Sub
  • LPF Filter with vriable slope  from 6 to 24db
  • Multidrive
  • Programable arp
  • Two LFO’s/Mods
  • Buttons and knobs for some hidden functions
  • At least 16 memories
  • 37 keys