NAMM 2017 Korg Krome Platinum Edition

NAMM 2017: The KROME is now available in a limited-edition platinum-color model

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The KROME, KORG’s premium standard in music workstations, is now available in a new eagerly-awaited color. With superb sound that overturns expectations for its class and a stylish new platinum color, this model is the perfect way for you to stand out in your music production or on stage.

A limited number of KROME Platinum units will be sold.

* All specifications other than color are identical to the KROME model with the corresponding number of keys.

Great though the KROME is, I can’t help wondering why a keyboard released back in 2012 only get’s a paint job and absolutely nothing else for NAMM 2017? In terms of modern tech…this is an old keyboard now. Could they have not at least given us a new sound set or some sort of software upgrade?


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