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NAMM 2018: Emulate the sound of any electric or acoustic guitar with the Sim1 XT-1 pedal

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There have been modelling guitars in the past (namely Line 6’s Variax), but the XT-1 from Italian company Sim1 is the first pedal to transform any guitar into any other electric or acoustic.

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12 guitars are preloaded, from Strats and Les Pauls to 335s, ’64 Telecasters and acoustics such as the Martin D-35 and Gibson J-200.

According to the company, there’s no MIDI or sampling involved; rather, it involves Sim1’s patented Smart Tone Shaping, which promises to emulate the tone of any guitar with no latency or digital artefacts.

Similar in concept to the Kemper Profiler, the XT-1 requires players to connect their guitar to the pedal and create a guitar profile by playing a “special chromatic scale”.

This profile allows access to preset sounds, and users can upload their own profiles to download via the XT-1’s iOS and Android app or the onboard USB port.

Although this has been announced as new for NAMM 2018 I have a feeling I saw this last year at NAMM 2017.


About Sim1

Sim1 is a Company based in Forlì (Romagna-Italy) and specialises in the development, production and commercialisation of innovative devices for guitar/bass players.
The team is composed of professionals with strong competences in engineering, marketing design and, naturally, a great passion for music and musical instruments.

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