NAMM 2018: VOX Giulietta VGA-3PS And Giulietta VGA-3D Archtop Acoustic Electric Guitars

VOX Giulietta

Vox seem to be on a bit of a roll lately and have announced some great new products to coincide with Winter NAMM 2018. The first of which are two Archtop Acoustic Electric Guitars the Giulietta VGA-3PS And VGA-3D.

Archotop guitars have always been undeniably cool looking but those looks have not always translated into a great sounding guitar or one that is easy to handle. The bodies were often too bulky and the compromise in design could lead to a rather dull sounding guitar.

Vox have taken the archtop idea to a new level. Their new Giulietta series are smaller than traditional archtops and incorporate a single cutaway for ease of access to those top frets. The neck also has a smoother more modern profile which makes playing a much easier and more pleasant experience.

VOX Giulietta VGA 3PS

The VGA-3PS is the more traditional of the two models in terms of electrics. It includes their VOX Super Capacitor Preamp System with pickguard-mounted Volume and Tone controls coupled with a high quality piezo pickup in the Hybrid Bridge. The Preamp can be charged via USB and a charge of just 10 minutes gives up to 5hrs of use. You can also adjust the bass response of the guitar via a low-cut pot that is adjustable with a small flat blade screwdriver.

The new Hybrid Bridge System makes use of a traditional wooden base featuring a specially-developed laminated wood/aluminum top section. The proprietary piezo system sits under the compensated one-piece saddle.

Vox engineers have also sought to address another issue when using a traditional piezo pickup system and that is ‘over-ring’. This is something many of us who use acoustic guitars with built in preamps will be familiar with and is one of the main reasons why a piezo pickup often sounds very different to the natural acoustic tone of your guitar. When a bridge-mounted piezo pickup amplifies the fretted sound it also amplifies the length of string between the bridge and tailpiece. This creates a undesirable effect that often removes the warmth and natural sound of the guitar.

Vox have come up with a very simple solution to address the ‘over-ring’ issue. They developed a simple-to-use removable string mute (included with the guitar) that prevents over-ring and leaves you with a pure, clean sound.

VOX Giulietta VGA 3DThe Giulietta VGA-3D is basically the same guitar as the VGA-3PS but where that guitar features a more traditional Piezo/Preamp system the VGA-3D is equipped with VOX’s exclusive AREOS-D modeling system. The same system that debuted in their Starstream electric guitar. The VOX AREOS-D system provides instant access to a wide range of acoustic, electric, and synth sounds including six banks of instruments with three variations in each, plus two user banks to store up to six favorites.

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