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NAMM 2019 – Casio Pro Quality Piano’s Once Again Raising The Bar

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The world of keyboards is often one of compromise. Either we get great sounds and features at the expense of good quality keys or we can have a fantastic quality keybed and lose a lot of functionality in the process. High quality keys cost money. It’s one of those infallible calculations we have all become accustomed to. However there is one manufacturer out there that has thrown that status quo out the window and decided that compromise is no longer a word they are willing to accept.

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Casio have been doing great things of late. We are all aware of the game changer they launched on us at last years NAMM with the amazing CT-X range of synth/arranger keyboards. Their AiX engine completely upturned perceptions of what sort of sound quality you could expect in entry level keyboards. They sounded superb and the key action was better than anything at that price point.

Then we have Casio’s CELVIANO GRAND HYBRID® pianos developed in collaboration with C.Bechstein. Once again they changed the way digital pianos are viewed. The Grand Hybrid combines real wooden keys and a moving hammer mechanism with digital technology to bring us the best of acoustic piano sounds and feel with modern tech. They are incredible to play and sound superb.

And now Casio have done it again. I was lucky enough to be the first in the UK to get a look at their new pianos which are due for launch over the next few days and if you have already seen the teaser videos you will have some idea of where Casio are heading with these instruments. I can’t reveal too much right now but from my own point of view what I can say is I was massively impressed. The quality on offer here is like nothing else at this price point and indeed double this price point. I am not often lost for words but I was speechless when I was told the RRP on these instruments. I won’t say what the price is right now. Let’s save that surprise for the launch.

At this time of year us musicians often hold back on a purchase because we want to see what is announced at NAMM. Having seen what Casio have in store I would say that is a very wise decision. If you are in the market for a hammer action stage piano just wait a few more days…you will be very glad you did 🙂

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