NAMM 2019 – Dexibell New S3 & S7 Keyboards Unlimited Polyphony & 24 bit audio

Dexibell S3 and S7

Dexibell have always been known for pushing boundaries and providing keyboard players with just that little bit more than expected and their new models for NAMM 2019 are no exception.

With unlimited polyphony even when splitting & layering, quad core processor, 8 DSP effects, Bluetooth and a completely open architecture plus 1.5gb of memory to fill with whatever sound you wish it is easy to see why Dexibell keyboards are fast becoming the number one choice for pro players the world over.

Features such as the triple contact keybed and continuous modelled sustain pedal demonstrate how Dexibell understand how important the player experience is.  Others might give us a good keybed at the expense of features or a ton of features with a less than premium keybed, Dexibell doesn’t cut corners. They give us the complete package.

Dexibell Vivo S7

Having experienced the flagship Vivo S9 Stage Piano and J7 Combo Digital Organ myself I can certainly attest to the build quality and attention to detail of Dexibell instruments. I was particularly impressed by the way you can completely wipe all the sounds and replace them with any sounds you like but without losing the original sounds! They are still there in a separate area and you can load all or some of these back in as you want. Not only that but you can load SF2 (Sound Font 2) files into the S9. There are literally tens of thousands of SF2 files out including all those classic synths so it is easy to see the potential here. A Dexibell keyboard moulds itself to the way you work not the other way around.

Check out the comparison table of the New Dexibell S3 & S7 keyboards below.

Dexibell S3-S7 Comparison

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