Nektar Bolt Harmonics Synth

NAMM 2019 – Nektar Bolt Harmonics Synthesizer

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Looks like many producers of MIDI keyboard controllers have suddenly realised that if they create soft synths to go with their products it might be a better idea than just making the hardware and letting everyone else take a slice of the software pie. That is good news for us of course because it gives us even more choices when it comes to creating sounds.

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Nektar who are well known for their high quality hardware controllers have created their first soft synth and by the looks of it they may be on to a winner.

The synth is called ‘Bolt’ and this is what Nektar say about it:

Nektar BOLT is the first Harmonics Synthesizer for VST/AU compatible DAW platforms. Its unique Harmonics oscillators will take you from subtle sine waves to overtone-rich pulse chains at the turn of a knob. And BOLT’s user interface encourages instant experimentation when creating sounds. No filter required – it all happens right in the oscillator. Experience the speed of new sounds – literally.

It certainly looks interesting. There are both Windows and Mac compatible versions and demos are available for download here. So worth giving it a test run at least.

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Why not join the discussion and let us know what you think about Nektar’s new soft synth on our forum? We would love to see you there!

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