NAMM 2019 Yamaha FP9 Series Bass Drum Pedals – Motorcycle-Inspired Design

Yamaha FP9 Series Drum Pedal

Yamaha today launched the FP9 Series Bass Drum Pedals, offering exceptional engineering with feel customisation for easy adjustability and custom performance.

The series includes the FP9C double-chain single pedal, FP9D direct-drive single pedal, DFP9C double-chain double pedal, DFP9D direct-drive double pedal and DFP9CL left-footed double-chain double pedal.

These models incorporate many new Yamaha design features that allow for smooth, durable and responsive performance with an added level of customisation in addition to Yamaha current lineup. These new features included a weight-adjustable beater and easily accessible pedal lock spring, along with an axle-stabilizing bearing chamber for smooth playability and adjustability. Other features include the independent beater and footboard angle adjustment, anti-skid heel spikes to keep the pedal and bass drum secure and they all come with Yamaha’s dedicated carrying case.

Evoking the high-performance aesthetic of the Yamaha’s legendary YZF-R1 superbike, all models include a blue bearing housing, gold Yamaha tuning-fork logo on the beater cap and black beater. The footboard is designed with an aluminum casting, offering a lighter, sturdier feel, inspired by the superbike’s construction.

“The new FP9 project has been a labour of love for our design team” Gavin Thomas – Drums Product Manager Yamaha Europe UK explained “The Drum Pedal is one of the most fundamental parts of the drum kit, and as such it requires a perfect feel, react to players movement smoothly and be strong and reliable. Naturally every drummer has an individual playing style, with some drummers demanding a high level of customised settings which have previously compromised the level of durability due to the many moving parts. In addition setting up often challenging due to the numerous setting up possibilities. Through extensive research and Development in both design and materials used, Yamaha have perfected the optimum drum pedal designed with both customisation and reliability in mind that will rev up any drummers performance.

UK Pricing and Availability (Tentative)

FP9C              Single Pedal – Double Chain SRP £300 (Inc VAT)

FP9D              Single Pedal – Direct Drive SRP £300 (Inc VAT)

FDP9C           Double Pedal – Double Chain SRP £576 (Inc VAT)

FDP9CL         Double Pedal (Left)– Double Chain SRP £576 (Inc VAT)

FDP9D           Double Pedal – Direct Drive SRP £576 (Inc VAT)

Available May 2019

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