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NAMM 2019 Yamaha New Additions To Arius line of digital pianos YDP-144, YDP-164 and YDP-S54

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Yamaha today announced three additions to its highly-regarded Arius line of digital pianos: the YDP-144, YDP-164 and YDP-S54. Like all Yamaha digital pianos, the Arius family benefits from the company’s twin legacies of quality in acoustic piano-building and electronic instrument design. Any of the new YDP models is ideal for the piano student who has advanced to a point where their teacher suggests they acquire a serious instrument for practice and performance, but for whom an acoustic piano is not a realistic option due to weight, cost, or space concerns.

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All three new YDP pianos feature a meticulous stereo multi-sample of the Yamaha CFX, considered by many discerning artists to be the finest concert grand piano in the world. The YDP-144 utilizes the Yamaha GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) key action, in which the keys are weighted progressively more towards the low range. This provides expressive touch-to-tone connection exactly like that of an acoustic piano and is sure to meet with the approval of piano teachers who insist their students’ practice instruments train the fingers properly. The YDP-164 and YDP-S54 upgrade to the GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) action, which adds textured, synthetic ivory and ebony key surfaces that increase grip and wick away moisture for an even more authentic piano experience.

The Smart Pianist app for iOS® smart devices (Android™ support coming in June 2019) is also integrated into all three models and allows pianists to turn their smart device into an intuitive and rich graphical user interface, making selecting Voices and configuring settings even easier. In addition, the app can analyze local music files on the connected device’s music library, then generate and display chord charts that scroll by in tempo as the music plays. This lets YDP owners learn, play and share the songs they already own and love.

The Arius YDP-S54 features a sleek slimline design, resembling a modern console table when the keyboard cover is closed. This makes it ideal for environments in which space is at a premium, such as studio apartments, dormitories, or classrooms that need to house multiple digital pianos. Speaking of multiple instruments, any of the three new Arius models is an ideal match for the Yamaha Music Lab systems.

Additional features include internal high-output speaker systems for crystal-clear sound, damper and string resonance modeling to render the internal vibrations and harmonic nuances of an acoustic piano, and a minimum of 192-note polyphony on the YDP-144 to ensure that even dense and sustained musical passages do not result in any “stolen” notes.

“These three newest models unite the entire Arius line of digital pianos,” said Ben Harrison, product marketing manager, digital pianos and portable keyboards, Yamaha Corporation of America. “With Yamaha CFX piano sampling and compatibility with the Smart Pianist app, they are as incredibly enjoyable to navigate as they are to play. These pianos look and sound terrific and are a great choice for beginners to intermediate players alike. Parents can most certainly feel confident in choosing one of these pianos for the aspiring pianists in their lives.”


Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha Arius YDP-144 (MSRP $1,499), Arius YDP-164 (MSRP $1,999), and Arius YDP-S54 (MSRP $2,199) will be available in March 2019.

For more information please visit https://uk.yamaha.com

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