Native Instruments Release Komplete 12 + New A-Series Controllers and a whole lot more!

Native Instruments Komplete 12

Native instruments have just hit another ball way out of the park with not only the release of Komplete 12 but also a new line of more affordable controller keyboards and a bunch of other new products and updates.

Native Instruments announces new pro-grade hardware and software for music production, including the second generation of the KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 keyboard and MASSIVE X – a completely new successor to the much-celebrated synth that spawned subcultures after it was launched 11 years ago.


Since its release in 2003, KOMPLETE has undisputedly become an essential purchase for producers, musicians, and sound designers, by bundling a wide range of innovative and high-quality software instruments and effects at an unbeatable price. Each successive KOMPLETE generation offers artists a jolt of inspiration, and the biggest update ever, KOMPLETE 12, is no exception.

KOMPLETE 12 is available in four differently-sized packages: KOMPLETE 12, SELECT, ULTIMATE, and the new Collector’s Edition – a fifteenth anniversary celebration that packs 150 instruments, effects, and Expansions on to a silver aluminium HDD. New additions include KONTAKT 6, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST, the innovative kick and bass synth TRK-01, and for the first time ever, Expansions sound packs. KOMPLETE 12 also includes MASSIVE X – an entirely new instrument that honors and expands on the legacy of the legendary MASSIVE synthesizer.


KONTAKT 6 is the next generation of the world’s leading sampler. Continuing the development from sampler to sampling platform, KONTAKT has evolved into the host for an encyclopedic range of sampled instruments from countless instrument builders. As a platform, KONTAKT supports the whole music production industry, powering the instruments used by composers and producers, and providing a development framework for instrument builders.

For those using KONTAKT mainly as a host for instruments, version 6 expands the on-board library with three new instruments: ANALOG DREAMS invokes legendary synth sounds, ETHEREAL EARTH combines sampled traditional instruments with digital synthesis, and HYBRID KEYS provides a modern digital twist on classic keyboard instruments. The instruments debut the KONTAKT Play Series – a range of sonically rich sample libraries that combine powerful sound design with simple playability.

For instrument builders and advanced users who work in the edit view, new possibilities for sound design exist thanks to five new effects – three new reverbs, a Replika delay module, and a wah-wah – plus a new wavetable engine. Creator Tools, a standalone application, rounds off the package. Designed to improve the workflows of library builders and instrument creators, it consists of a Debugger and an Instrument Editor.


The new KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 builds upon the acclaimed playability of its predecessor, adding more immersive visual feedback and deeper control for expanded creative possibilities. The fully-weighted, hammer-action Fatar keybed gives an authentic piano-feel, whilst the hi-res color screens and Light Guide provide at-a-glance visual guidance. With pre-mapped control of all KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects and hundreds of NKS plug-ins, intuitive DAW integration, and full VST compatibility, the S88 is the ideal centerpiece for any studio or stage setup.

All S-Series keyboards now include KOMPLETE 12 SELECT and MASCHINE Essentials software.


Komplete Kontrol A49

The KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series are an all-new line of keyboards coming in three sizes: 25, 49, or 61 keys. Combining streamlined designs with intelligent workflows, they make it easy for music makers to create, perform, and capture ideas straight from their keyboard. By bringing best-in-class semi-weighted keybeds and innovative features from the flagship S-Series down to a new, lower price point, the A-Series offers music makers of all genres an accessible gateway to hands-on production and performance.

KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series keyboards integrate perfectly with a range of popular DAWs and come pre-mapped to all KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, as well as hundreds of NKS plug-ins from over 75 leading manufacturers. Right out the box, the A-Series gives musicians everything they need to start creating, with MASCHINE Essentials included alongside an inspiring collection of pro-grade instruments from NI, including MONARK, THE GENTLEMAN, REAKTOR PRISM, and SCARBEE MARK I. With three sizes to choose from, the A-Series makes an ideal addition to any setup – bedroom, studio, or stage.


To say that MASSIVE helped define the sound of electronic music over the last decade would be an understatement. Spawning subcultures and permeating pop sounds globally, the celebrated synth has long been an essential for serious producers, performers, and sound designers of all genres.

In February 2019, NI welcomes MASSIVE X to the stage. With unparalleled signal processing power and a powerful modular approach, this entirely new synthesizer rips up the sound design rulebook to offer unprecedented sonic potential. Created by the same team that built the original, MASSIVE X reimagines what a state-of-the-art sound engine can be, with new subtractive filters, new insert effects, and a new performer for complex sound shaping.

MASSIVE X will be available from February 2019. All KOMPLETE 12, KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE Collector’s Edition owners will see it added to their collections for free.

Nine game-changing new products, major updates to online platforms

These updates to NI’s flagship production products forms part of the largest release in the company’s 22-year history, also featuring the much-anticipated return of TRAKTOR, the arrival of new entry level MASCHINE and KOMPLETE KONTROL production hardware, and major updates to three online platforms.

The Fall 2018 announcements mark a key milestone on Native Instruments’ path to becoming a true platform provider for the whole music creation industry. The company’s portfolio is expanding significantly to include products for creators of all styles and abilities, complementary online services, new educational content to guide experiences, and a range of affordable and intuitive entry level production and performance products.

Pricing and availability


The world’s leading production suite receives its biggest update ever: New synths, new sampled instruments, new effects, and, for the first time ever, Expansions sound packs.

Available October 1, 2018

KOMPLETE 12 SELECT: 199 USD, 199 EUR, 24,800 YEN, 159 GBP, 299 AUD, 259 CAD, 1,699 CNY

KOMPLETE 12: 599 USD, 599 EUR, 69,800 YEN, 479 GBP, 899 AUD, 799 CAD, 4,699 CNY

KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE: 1,199 USD, 1,199 EUR, 139,800 YEN, 959 GBP, 1,799 AUD, 1,599 CAD, 9,499 CNY

KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S EDITION: 1,599 USD, 1,599 EUR, 198,000 YEN, 1,279 GBP, 2,299 AUD, 2,099 CAD, 12,499 CNY


The forthcoming sequel to NI’s legendary virtual analog synth is more extreme, more expressive, and more expandable in every way.

Available February 2019

On its release, MASSIVE X will be made available as a free download to owners of KOMPLETE 12, KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE, and the new Collector’s Edition. Pricing for crossgrades and individual purchases will be announced at a later date.


The sixth generation of the industry’s leading sampling platform adds new builder tools and brand new instruments.

Available October 1, 2018

399 USD, 399 EUR, 49,800 YEN, 339 GBP, 549 AUD, 519 CAD, 2,999 CNY

Update for owners of KONTAKT 1-5: 99 USD, 99 EUR, 12800 YEN, 89 GBP, 149 AUD, 129 CAD, 799 CNY


Mk2 version of NI’s flagship keyboard controller: Fully-weighted hammer-action Fatar keybed with Light Guide and hi-res color screens.

Available September 27, 2018

999 USD, 999 EUR, 124800 YEN, 799 GBP, 1399 AUD, 1299 CAD, 7799 CNY


A new line of affordable keyboards with a best-in-class NI keybeds and informative OLED displays.

Available October 23, 2018

A25: 149 USD, 149 EUR, 18,800 JPY, 119 GBP, 199 CAD, 1099 CYN

A49: 199 USD, 199 EUR, 24,800 JPY, 159 GBP, 259 CAD, 1699 CYN

A61: 249 USD, 249 EUR, 31,800 JPY, 199 GBP, 329 CAD, 1999 CYN

Disclaimer: MASSIVE was designed and developed entirely by Native Instruments GmbH. Solely the name Massive is a registered trademark of Massive Audio Inc., USA.

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