New For 2023 – Performance 3 Classical Guitar Capo with ART®

G7th ART Capo

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of classical and other nylon-strung guitars with a radiused fingerboard. In response to this, and building on the phenomenal success of the Performance 3 capo with Adaptive Radius Technology (ART®), G7th are excited to bring you their redesigned and upgraded offering for Classical and Flamenco players:
the new Performance 3 Classical with ART®.

The groundbreaking ART® active string pad mechanism infinitely adapts to perfectly match the radius over the strings on nearly any guitar, delivering unrivalled tuning stability by applying even pressure across all the strings – specifically designed on this model to handle wider flat fingerboards as well as radiused fingerboards. Coupled with the unique tension control system on the Performance range, the Performance 3 Classical gives a near-perfect experience without any of the problems associated with capos in the past. 


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