Yamaha PSR-SX900

New Yamaha PSR-SX900 – The PSR Evolved!

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Yamaha’s PSR range of keyboards have been popular around the world for decades. And for many keyboard players a PSR will have been the first step on their musical journey. Indeed my own first real interest in keyboards started with a PSR 70 way back in 1985. Basic by today’s standards it was quite impressive for the time.

Of course we have come a long way since then and the PSR range has grown and developed year by year. Today’s PSR is a sophisticated arranger keyboard lineup right from the entry level through to the new top end PSR-SX.

So, what is the PSR-SX? Some are calling it a “mini Genos” but for me Genos is a separate product line that, yes certainly sits at the top of the arranger keyboard tree but is in a class of its own. There are of course influences from Genos in the new PSR-SX as tech tends to filter down over time but but these keyboards are very firmly in the PSR family.

The Spec:

  • 7-inch colour touch screen.
  • Revo Drums technology.
  • Over 500 styles
  • Two USB ports (one on the front and the back).
  • Joystick in place of mod and pitch bend wheels.
  • 6 assignable buttons under the display.
  • Playlist feature.
  • Two continuous controllers working in Live control mode.
  • Chord Looper function.
  • Samples memory 1 GB.
  • 4GB Internal memory.
  • Ability to register in mp3 and wav format.
  • Sound system 10 W + 2 x 15 AMP.
  • SUB Output.
  • Weight: approx 12 kg.
  • Price $2700
  • Available end of September.


Of course that is not the full spec. We don’t have that yet but I think it is a good indicator of what sort of keyboard the PSR-SX900 is going to be. There are also two other models further down the range. The PSR-SX700 priced at around $2100 and the PSR-SX300 which we don’t have a price for but should be well below $2000. So none of these are cheap options of course but they do pack in a lot of features for the money.

Check out the videos below for a flavour of what the new Yamaha PSR-SX is all about.





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