NORD vs KORG vs YAMAHA – Which One Would You Choose?

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Stage pianos have made a resurgence of late. Not that they ever went away but over the past few years the keyboard world seems to have been dominated by synths. Then along came Yamaha and took us all by surprise with the CP73 and CP88. These are fantastic stage pianos that have managed to successfully bridge the gap between the traditional stage piano and the top-end synths.

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Of course, KORG is well known for there own stage pianos so not to be outdone they gave us the SV2. An update on the already popular SV1.

And then we have NORD. Up until recently the kings of the stage piano world. Has that accolade now slipped ever so slightly? The Electro 6D is certainly no slouch but perhaps the buying decision is no longer so clear cut?

Check out the video below in which Jack of pits the Nord Electro 6D against the KORG SV2 and the Yamaha CP73. Which one would you choose?

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