Roland Cloud JV1080

We’re excited to announce the highly anticipated Roland Cloud software adaptation of one of the most popular synthesizers in history: the Roland JV-1080.

The most famous of Roland’s PCM powerhouses, the JV-1080 is the ‘down to the circuit’ inspiration for the Roland Cloud JV-1080 software plugin. The hardware model was a huge success with artists and producers, and eventually led to increasingly powerful additions to the series such as the JV-2080 and XV-5080.

While the Roland Cloud JV-1080 has the look, feel and factory patches of the original, it also has the expanded effects, additional waveforms, and increased polyphony of its successors. It’s like the JV-1080 you know and love, but enhanced to go toe-to-toe in your DAW alongside any contemporary software synthesizer.

If you are a Roland Cloud Member or are enjoying our 30-day trial, you should see the JV-1080 available for download and installation via Roland Cloud Manager. If not, sign up now for a 30-day trial.Roland Cloud JV1080