Snake Eats Boy wins €10,000 in ‘Uploaded’ international song contest.

Snake Eats Boy

Andrson, an A.I.-powered music discovery platform, has announced the winner of its first-ever international songwriting competition Uploaded. Declared the winner, Hastings music collective Snake Eats Boy will receive €10,000 for submitting their hauntingly beautiful song ‘The Haunting of H. Quinn’, which was hand-picked from over 3,000 songs submitted from artists all over the world.


Initially conceived as a musical project in the early 2010s, Snake Eats Boy is a three-piece, acoustic folk-noir music collective based in Hastings. The band cite their environmental surroundings as an influence on the music they create – ranging from the folky beginnings of a countryside upbringing giving way to the wavy-surf tones of electric guitars shaped from a decade of living by the coast in Hastings.

Unanimously chosen by a panel of leading music industry experts, ‘The Haunting of H. Quinn’ is a charming song that might seem like a simple acoustic number but is elevated by layers of subtle instrumentation such as its percolating acoustic guitar through to its built-in bass notes that dance around with the melody. It has a beautiful vocal aesthetic and emotional-like harmonies that are just touching and wistful.

On winning the competition, Snake Eats Boy commented: “The standard was really great. I can’t put it anyway. It’s just promising to see people through a lockdown still chomping away at the bits. It’s been for me and everyone involved, therapy. It’s all been perfect. This is mad!”

Neil Dunne, Co-Founder of Andrson, added: “What a brilliant song to win our first-ever international songwriting competition. Thsnake-eats-boy-2e Haunting of H. Quinn stood out as a clear winner amongst our panel of music industry experts for so many reasons. We created Uploaded as a way to not only inspire all budding musicians globally but also as a way to discover incredible talent from some of the best, undiscovered musicians. Snake Eats Boy is just one of those.”

When asked what the cash prize will be spent on, the band added: “It will be going towards the future of Snake Eats Boy. It will be going towards paying off a few debts incurred whilst chasing a musical dream.”


Secondary prizes were also declared within the competition. The People’s Choice award, chosen by the public, was awarded to EMERGER – an alt-pop duo from Cape Town, South Africa who wins €2,500. Irish singer-songwriter, Aby Coulibaly, won a complimentary photo shoot with Christian Tierney – a photographer to the stars.

Launched in June 2020, Uploaded was an international song competition open to all budding songwriters to showcase their talents whereby their music was judged on originality, lyrics, melody, composition, production and the potential to be a ‘smash hit’. Over 3,000 artists from over 40 countries entered the competition.

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