The Gift Of Music

Some Gifts Are More Than Just A Gift

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At this time of year when people are thinking about what gifts they can give each other and in particular what we can give our children, one thing always comes to mind. As a musician I know what a wonderful thing it is to be able to play a musical instrument. The ability to express ones self through music is an incredible thing.

Studies indicate that early music exposure and instruction have benefits on the development of perceptual skills, which affects language and literary abilities; spatial reasoning, which is related to skills used to do math; and fine motor coordination

So lots of scientific reasons to involve your children in music but also it is a form of art that keeps on giving. Music can affect mood, it can lift you when you are down and spread joy when you are happy. It weaves itself throughout our lives and affects us in ways we cannot often articulate. Think for a moment what life would be like without music? No birdsong, no soundtracks to your favourite movies, nothing to dance to, no great classical works by great fact I cannot imagine a life without music.

John Lewis have just released their long anticipated Christmas Ad which features the marvellous Elton John and whilst it is not an advert about music as such, it does non the less carry an important message. “Some Gifts Are More Than Just A  Gift”  I think giving someone music as a gift and perhaps the chance to become a musician themselves is one of the most wonderful things you can do for a person.

Lets help some new young musicians on their musical journey this year!

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