Steveway Grand Pianos

Steveway portable baby grand piano-shells

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Steveway is the No.1 producer of portable baby grand piano-shells. This shell will make a very great difference to your performance and the audience expectations.

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Our  unique and elegant product is the perfect solution to replace the  conventional keyboard-stand and makes your audience think that you’re playing on a genuine grand piano. The Steveway is ideal for weddings providing music for the eyes as well as the ears. Its also perfect for the home keyboard enthusiast as it is a beautiful piece of furniture and would sit nicely in the home and with it being heat resistant you can place your hot cup of tea on top of it as you practice and it won’t leave rings. It is also perfect  for the home enthusiast. You can store your speakers inside and hide all those unsightly wires. Visit for more information or email me direct at

If you would like to speak to Steve personally call him on 07462562135. ..keep music live 🙂


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