Style, Performance and Value. That Is The Yamaha Pacifica 112

Yamaha Pacifica 112

Introduced in 1989 and originally designed by Rich Lasner, who used to work for Ibanez, the Pacifica was one of the best-value electric guitars of the ’90s. Earlier models were basic but still versatile. However, for people just starting out on their musical journey, who didn’t want to spend a fortune on something they were not sure would be for them, the Pacifica—particularly the 112 series—was an excellent budget choice. There were loads of colour options, and it is a guitar that lends itself to all styles of music, from blues to jazz, and through to rock and metal.


The Pacifica produces a sound that is well above its price tag. With a stylish contoured design, a five-way switching H-S-S pickup arrangement, and a vintage-style vibrato, it was and still is a jack-of-all-trades. The headstock and bridge are as solid as you could get, and the hardware is ultra-reliable and does not tarnish with age, as long as the guitar is cared for.

The Pacifica sports double cutaways that provide access right up to the highest frets. It also had a solid wood body at a time when many brands were using laminate for their guitars. The Pacifica 112 was and still is a perfect example of how you can have quality and features at a budget-friendly price.


Yamaha Pacifica 112V

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